While great sushi and burgers are difficult to define, there are some characteristics that can be considered in order to make delicious sushi and burgers.

What makes a sushi and burgers chef a great one?

A talented sushi and burgers chef will always use high-quality ingredients. Moreover, a great sushi and burgers chef has several amazing characteristics that take the dining experience to another level. Understanding how the temperature can affect the taste, choosing the ideal texture of food, and how to balance ingredients distinct flavors are just a few things that an excellent sushi and burger chef knows.

Why choose Chef21 for your next sushi and burgers experience?

At Chef21, our sushi and burgers chefs are dedicated and experts in their culinary careers. They know how to use their skills and have a great understanding of flavors, textures, and taste through years of practice and training. When you visit Chef21, you can be confident that all sushi and burgers are made by experienced chefs hence resulting in a harmony of flavor and texture.

Mistakes to avoid when making sushi

Rice: The rice should always be at body temperature, and should be sticky enough that it doesn’t fall apart when someone brings it close to the mouth. However, it should separate into individual grains when felt in the mouth. This can only be accomplished with the help of the right pressure to the rice.

Topping: The topping that is known as neta should be the right size. It should not be too big or too small. If you are using wasabi, make sure you place it between the neta and the rice.

Fish The fish shouldn’t be smelly. You can sprinkle vinegar on the fish a day before it needs to be served. This way the fishy smell will be removed. Plus, if the fish is way too moist, you can add salt to reduce the moisture level.

Mistakes to avoid when making burgers

Don’t under-season: Putting salt on the exterior of the patties won’t help. Make sure you put the beef in a bowl, lightly break it with your hands, and then sprinkle salt evenly. Don’t overwork: Handle the ground beef with care. Don’t overwork with it, otherwise it will become rubbery and dense. After seasoning the meat, make individual portions and make the patties with lightly cupped hands. As soon as you feel the patties have come together, stop! Don’t Press: After the burgers have developed brown grill marks, only flip the burgers once. Don’t be tempted to press them at all. When you press the burgers, all the flavorful juices squeeze out hence ending up in your grill and causing flare-ups.