When you talk about new Japanese cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is sushi! However, there are so many dishes to try when it comes to Japanese cuisine, including tempura, ramen, and sashimi to name a few. When you visit any Japanese restaurant or happen to be visiting the country, there are a few menu items that should be on your bucket list. Here are some to name a few:

  • Champon
  • – If you want to taste something really traditional, different, and unique, then you got to try this out! The dish originates from Nagasaki and is made from noodles that are boiled in the soup itself, instead of being added later on. Other ingredients include a combination of seafood, pork, and vegetables. The ingredients are first fried in lard and soup is later added on.

  • Ginger Pork
  • – Also known as Buta-No-Shogayaki, it is one of the most common and tastiest Japanese dishes. It is prepared by grilling slices of pork which are first marinated in soy sauce, granola oil, mirin, and sake to name a few. The dish is perfect for any season and makes a great quick and tasty meal.

  • Fugu
  • – If you are looking for an amazing and thrilling experience, then you got to try this dish! Fugu is a pufferfish which has a delicious taste, but one must eat it carefully as it can be lethal due to the presence of toxin in some parts. Before the dish is served, the toxic parts of the fish are completely removed so that it can be served safely.

  • Edamame
  • – This is a wildly popular food in Japan and makes an amazing appetizer. Made from juvenile soyabeans that are still in their pods, they accompany meals in a vast majority of Japanese restaurants.

  • Gyudon
  • – This mouth-watering one-dish meal is made of beef over rice. Steamed rice is topped with thinly sliced beef and tender onions. The ingredients are then seasoned with soy sauce and mirin or even lightly cooked egg.

  • Gyoza
  • – These moon-shaped dumplings are served as a popular dish in every Japanese Restaurant. Prepared with a filling of minced pork, meat, cabbage, and other ingredients, they are friend to a nice dark-gold color till they become crunchy. Enjoy them as is or with a sauce or dip.

    Some other popular Japanese dishes and menu items include Beef cutlet, also known as Gyukatsu, Katsudon, Gyutan, Nabe, Karaage, Kushikatsu, Natto, Oden, Miso Soup, to name a few.