What if we told you that you can enjoy your favorite sushi in the form of a sushi burger, the ultimate food mash-up! Yes, you read it right. Sushi burger is the yummiest comfort food to eat. Although it is easy to roll your own sushi, you can easily turn all the ingredients into a sushi burger. The awe-inspiring sushi burger is made out of sticky rice and you can add the fillings of your choice. You can try out various recipes, and then choose the one which you like the most.

How to make a Sushi Burger?

Making the sushi burger bun can be tricky. Using a mini springform pan can be helpful. In order to make it look like an authentic burger bun, you can top it off with black sesame seeds. To spice it up, you can add spicy mayo to it.

Once the sushi bun is ready, you can deep fry it to give it an indulgent flavor. Frying also helps solidify the bun so it won’t fall apart. You can add tuna with mayo and wasabi to give

Try different fillings

Once the bun is ready, you can try different fillings to add flavor. You can use chicken or raw fish to make a thin Japanese omelet. Add sauces with spices to add flavor and enjoy the yummy comfort food at its finest! You can even make the traditional beef patty instead of fish or chicken. When trying out region-specific favorites, you can go for favorites like tofu. For health-conscious people, adding a slice of cucumber or some chopped nuts can do the trick.

Digging into your Sushi Burger!

Once you are ready to dig into your sushi burger, tread with caution. Trying to eat them like real burgers can get a bit messy. Use a fork or knife or a pair of chopsticks but if you are not afraid of getting your hands a little ‘dirty’, you might want to bypass the utensils altogether!

Eat Healthy!

Research shows that traditional Japanese cuisine is rich in fish, meat, vegetables, as well as carbohydrates. This is the reason why their life expectancy is higher as compared to people of other ethnicities.