Attention to detail can transform an ordinary burger into a perfect burger. Chef21 serves the best burgers in Greenville SC. Listed below are some of the tips that will help up your burger game.

Begin with the right meat

Try to avoid getting lean and extra-lean meat because they can make burgers dry and tough. For juicy burgers, get meat with at least 18% fat content. In short, find the best meat for burgers. If you want to make your burger tender and flavorful, go for freshly ground meat. Ask the butcher to grind the meat fresh for you. For the freshest grind, you will have to grind again at home in a grinder or food processor. Chef21 serves the juiciest burger in town and that is why they are known to be the best burgers in Greenville SC.

Don’t overwork the meat!

If you want to make the yummiest burger ever, then avoid over handling the meat. The more you handle it, the tougher the patty will become. Put the meat in a larger bowl, pull the meat apart into smaller chunks, add salt and then toss gently until the seasoning is loosely mixed.

Use wet hands to form burger patties

The dampness will prevent your hands from getting sticky. Plus, it also allows the meat to come together faster. Chef21 serves burgers that have the tastiest and juiciest patties, and that is why it is known for having the best burgers in Greenville SC.

Clean the cooking grate

Make sure the grate is fully cleaned, as the debris can encourage stickiness. Your main aim should be that burgers should sizzle immediately, get firm quickly, and release from the grill easily.

Use a hot grill

Keeping the grill at a steady heat will be very helpful. If you are using charcoal, ensure that the ash covered coals are producing even heat, so place them properly. With a gas grill, when you are cooking, keep the lid down. However, with a charcoal grill, you can leave the lid off.

Flip the burgers once

Constantly flipping the burgers will dry out the meat and toughen the buns. Plus, if you flip too soon, the burgers will stick. Chef21 serves the best burgers in Greenville SC. They are cooked well and the taste is outstanding.

Don’t press burgers while cooking

People usually make this mistake while grilling. When you press the spatula on the burger, all the juices pour out taking the entire flavor with it. Let your burgers cook in peace.

Let burgers rest

Resting will allow all the juices to redistribute throughout the burger patty. Since burgers are usually small in size, let them rest for at least 10 minutes.