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Covid guideline

We have been closely monitoring any changes in the guideline for COVID-19 that’s issued by DHEC. All employees have been properly trained. For more details and latest issue on the COVID guideline please visit

In order to avoid crowding in the restaurant to make both customer and employee feel safe, we are launching QR code ordering soon. Save your time to wait in the line and be safe.

- Membership loyalty program is coming soon.

- Beer, sake and wine are coming soon

  • ½ pound premium beef patty, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, 21’s signature sauce, mozzarella sticks, smoked provolone cheese, tossed brioche bun

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  • Mouthwatering juicy jumbo shrimp and chicken patty, avocado slices, tomatoes, mayo, tossed brioche bun. All the flavors are in the patty

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